A nexus of Catholic life

Using present and future technological means to create a framework for Catholic life that promotes sanctity

Make explicit the centrality of Christ

Within the interconnected web of prayer and work, family and friends, liturgy and learning

Build a University

Removing the divide between academia and daily life by embracing an apprenticeship model, allowing students to fund their education through their own work.

How to participate:

Pray: for the success of the project, the guidance of the Spirit, docility to the will of the Father, and the grace to always follow Christ.

Whitepaper: read it and comment on it with Hypothes.is

Canny: propose features or projects, vote up or down (or comment on) other proposals.

Github: check out issues, work on features that have been proposed, review code for efficiency and security.

Discord: participate in discussions, propose projects to help further the roadmap, collaborate with other builders.

Linen: want to view the Discord without joining Discord? view our discussion on Linen without loggin in.

Reddit: this is our public-facing community, so making posts that would explain the project to newcomers, making posts that summarize discussion that happened on the Discord, as well as commenting on the posts of others.

Everywhere else: if you know someone who would be interested in the project, introduce them to it. Talk about it on your social networks, write about it on your blog, make tutorials on how to get involved, everything helps!

Want to help?

Visit our Github